Getting started guide

Getting started with SocialSER is incredibly easy, your dog could do it. Things needed:

  • GSA SER – if you are a blackhat SEO guy, you probably already have this. If not, go grab it.
  • SocialSER membership
  • Lots of social accounts – as many as you want. The more, the better. I use this store to purchase them, but if you find a cheaper place – use it.
  • Proxies – you should be using private proxies. This is important:
    use 1 proxy for no more than 2-3 accounts on the same site
    E.g. 1 proxy = 2-3 Google+ accounts & 2-3 Twitter accounts & 2-3 Facebook accounts.The more accounts you use on a single proxy, the more risk they have to get suspended. If you used 1 proxy for 100 accounts – it’s easy for these sites to spot something fishy is going on. This needs more experimentation to figure out the safest and most efficient option.
  • Optional: SEREngines – this plugin for GSA SER allows it to auto generate sites on mega high authority sites like WordPress, Tumblr, LiveJournal, Edublogs and etc. This is really the aim of the whole SEO – acquire links on high authority sites (SEREngines automates it) and prove Google they are not trash (SocialSER automates it)


After subscribing to a SocialSER membership, visit dashboard and download the latest version application. No installation is needed, just launch it and use it. You need Java Runtime Environment installed on your compute to be able to run it (most computers already have it). You can download it from here:


License activation

Launch socialser.jar, click settings, input your account username you used to register on Copy your computer ID from settings and paste it in your account profile on, save it. Click “Recheck license” button on SocialSER dialog. That’s it! Next time you launch it, it will automatically verify it.


Buying social accounts

For SocialSER to be able to do anything with social networks, you need to have social accounts. Any PVA (phone verified) account store should work, however, I found that this one is the cheapest and most reliable. It offers many different types, so it might be confusing when choosing first time, however, these are the ones that seems to work fine:

  • Twitter: “ EN PVA”
  • Facebook: “ EN PVA” or “ EN PVA US”
  • Google Plus: “ PVA SMTP”, “ USA PVA LS”, “ RU PVA LS”, “ USA PVA”, “ RU PVA” or “ PVA Promo”. SocialSER will automatically create Google+ account for these emails.

(read more below) The reason you need PVA accounts is because sometimes social networks will ask to input phone number as a verification:

So when you buy PVA accounts and give it to SocialSER, it can automatically input it, which unblocks the account and let’s you keep using it.

Notes about social accounts

Some Twitter accounts will work with one proxy, but will not work with another proxy. For example, with one proxy, Twitter will request to fully verify phone number (via sending SMS and requesting to input code it sent), which SocialSER cannot do, e.g. image below. So such account cannot be used. But with another proxy and the exact same account, Twitter might request to just input phone number, which SocialSER can do. This most likely depends on the cleanliness of the IP.

This is why choosing good and clean private proxies matters.

This account doesn’t work with specified proxy, but works with another proxy


It’s important to not to spam your website on social networks too much, or they will block the account. For example if you buy 50 Twitter accounts and you keep tweeting non-stop the exact same URL on all of them, it’s easy to see for Twitter that something is not right, when 50 accounts have shared this exact same URL 1000 times. If you need some spamming, you should acquire more accounts, so that share number per each account is lower. Also, try to variate what URLs you are sharing on your accounts. Share some tier 1, or even tier 2 URLs, or some random news sites, etc.

SocialSER is not and can not be responsible if your botted social accounts get blocked – it is one of the most powerful SEO tools and your results completely depend on how you use it.

Indexing shared posts

A lot of SocialSER users are adding a tiered project to these shared posts on social networks with GSA SER and sending some contextual & non-contextual spam. This works very well with indexing tweets & shares. Alternatively, you can use indexing services (IndexInject was recommended as the best one, because it submits URL directly to Google). Just in case you are wondering, yes, Google does index social media posts:

Adding social accounts to SocialSER

Even though you can create social accounts on your own manually, it is not worth your time and buying them is much much faster and easier. Click tab on SocialSER dialog, click “Add new” and paste the data in the correct format, which is shown on the same popup dialog.

For example, Google+ accounts format:

acc username:acc password:recovery email:recovery phone number:proxy ip:proxy port:proxy username:proxy password

  • acc username – email address, e.g. [email protected]
  • acc password – email password
  • recovery email – should come when you purchase accounts. Google asks to input recovery email or recovery phone number as verification when someone tries to login into an account from a new IP address. Good thing, SocialSER does this automatically. If you don’t have recovery email/phone, just leave it empty (see example below), but there is a huge risk such an account will not be usable, because it won’t pass verification.
  • recovery phone number – same as above
  • proxy ip – IP address of your proxy
  • proxy port – port of your proxy
  • proxy username – username of your proxy
  • proxy password – password of your proxy

Example for google account without recovery email & phone and without proxy username & password:

[email protected]:secretpassword420:::123.456.7.8:4444::


Hard limits in Settings

Afraid GSA SER will accidentally post hundreds of posts in a minute on your account if you miss something on campaign options and that account will get suspended for suspicious activity? In settings you can set hard limits for each social engine. Hard limit works like a circuit breaker – if it is reached, there is no way GSA SER can post to an account, so it stays safe. Hourly limits/delays need more experimentation to figure out the safest and most efficient values.

The higher “Max headless browser instances” is, the more task SocialSER will be able to do with your accounts. Experiment by slightly adjusting this number according to your system’s resources.

Building social campaigns

Setting up social campaigns with SocialSER is incredibly easy. Here is how you do it:

  1. Set HTML timeout in GSA SER settings to 180 seconds. When it’s the first time SocialSER does something with social account, it has to login to it, so this takes some time. After first login, everything is much quicker.
  2. Let’s say you want to share your money site or some link. Well, then just get SocialSER sharing engines to work:Don’t forget to add some of spintax content! Keep in mind that Twitter does not allow the same tweet to be shared twice on a same account. So if you just put the money keyword without any spintax, such tweet with the same URL can be shared only once per account.
  3. Set up pause limits, so you don’t spam social networks with your link. For example, this will limit sharing to 1 share every 30 minutes:
  4. Set these settings for every SocialSER project:
  5. So now you have basic sharing campaigns set up! Now if you want your shared posts to have some more power, you can add a 2nd tier into your sharing project and send likes/comments:
  6. Enjoy proving Google your site has some real social activity going on!

Can Google really see social signals?

No doubt. Google Plus is owned by Google, so it’s automatically in the search algorithm.

Twitter officially collaborates with Google to get tweets as a social ranking indicator.

Facebook provides open API for everyone to check the social stats of a website. Google is easily able to check each time it crawls a page. Here is an example (try it yourself on Facebook’s API explorer if you want):

Plus, when Googlebot finds your social posts, it’s an additional link juice from those mega high authority sites!